Jan. 26th, 2016

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So - what's next? Some of you may remember I started a story called Desert Ice. I pulled it because I want it to be an original work. Last night I re-read it and I'm ready to finish it. Additionally many have requested a pdf of Sneer. i would also like to put Sneer up on to Archive of Our Own. Finally, I have an unfinished Supernatural story to finish.

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to:

A. Put Sneer up on Archive of Our Own
B. Make a pdf of Sneer - once I do that I have no idea how to make it available to those who would like it.
C. Finish Desert Ice - after reading it again I have fallen in love with it all over again. I can't believe I created that world.

I haven't deicided yet what to do with Desert Ice once I have finished it. My goal is to just finish it first.

Once I have done the above I will working on completeing the SPN story Scars which was a sequel to Burn.

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So for the last 6 months I've been going through hoops to get things in order so I can get this med procedure done that will change my life and improve my health. I thought I was at the point where I was just waiting for insurance approval only to discover the surgeon I've been working with - his practice is closing the beginning of next month!

There will be no one local who can do the procedure. They are sending out letters with the four practices the surgeon is recommending but all of them are going to be an hour or more away. So even if I don't have to redo the 6 months of hoop jumping again (and please please please pray that I don't) I'm still going to have to take time off work, go meet with the new surgeon and then submit the paperwork which could take another two weeks to process.

I've been shooting for a window at the end of March because it will work best for time off for work (2 week recovery).

Not to mention having the surgery done so far away will make it that much harder to get it done.

This just sucks. I'm not frigging giving up though. I've committed myself to doing this and by hook or by crook I'm doing it. I'm upset, anxious but I'm also a little pissed off.



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