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Right now not working on anything to post..but maybe eventually it will be something I can share. The positive uptick to this is that I'm making a point to write..even if it's just an hour a day. I'm making time for it.

Work this week has been a bad week (though I have a great and supportive thankful). Despite the stress, unending phone calls, emails and troubleshooting I made sure I moved forward on the plans I've been working on to take care of me. I did not cancel or back out of the programs I've signed up for at work to better my health. One of the programs includes a free fitbit! So i'm getting that setup as I'll need to start wearing it everyday to track my movement. :) I have two programs which require a weekly committment. :)

Went to planet fitness tonight even though my SI joint was very unhappy. I pulled up Season 1/episode 1 of Vikings on my phone and put my time in on the treadmill while watching one of my fav shows. Then treated myself to sometime on one of their hydromassage beds. BTW if you are not watching  Vikings..I'm going to say two words to you: Ragnar and Rollo - I do not ship them cuz really the only ship that sails is Ragnar and Athelstan but oh Ragnar and Rollo make my muse sit up and purr!

Tomorrow a friend of mine is going to do the hour and half road trip with me to talk to a surgeon about the procedure I've been working towards getting the last six months. My plan was to get it done at the end of March but since the surgeon I was working with is leaving town I don't know what this new surgeon's schedule is going to be lilke..or even if I want him do it (need to see how I feel about him). I had another surgeon's office call me today (still about an hour and half away) that is another possiblity.  We'll see.

I'm still very positive. Moving forward.

This weekend looks to be busy. Have a full day of gaming on Saturday plus my brother has a birthday and I've been asked to make a chocolate cake for him. I make the cake and frosting from scratch (no box mix) using dark chocolate. Ever since he first tried my receipe several years ago that is all he and my nephew ever want for their birthday from me. They swear it's the best chocolate cake. I'm always glad to be able to do something so personal and unique for them which makes them so happy.

Well that was a much longer checkin/update then I expected.

Hope all are doing well.

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