Feb. 22nd, 2016

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So...Wednesday night I get a FB message from my boyfriend of a year telling me he is breaking up with me and that he will not discuss it in any medium.

Who does that???

First off, everyone I'm good. I had reached the decision the relationship needed to end as well (the final straw being he chose to game with his friends the day I put Ollie Cat to sleep rather than stop by and see me). However, as an adult I was looking for a time for us to meet so we could talk and discuss face to face.

Anyway....I don't know how you can go from saying you love someone to sending them a FB message listing the reasons why the relationship isn't working and that you are ending it and that you won't discuss it period.

*shake head*

Anyway, I have a great support network. I'm actually doing really well. Had a slight 'moment' on Saturday when I was at a social function where he was also at (we have a lot of mutual friends and hobbies). However, I left early...took myself to Planet Fitness, rented a movie on my iphone and took a four mile walk on a treadmill while watching the film. I felt GREAT when i was done..as if I'd just taken myself on a date.

Got a good bit of writing done this weekend.

I don't know..maybe this is just one more thing I needed to clean out of my life to make way for the changes I'm making. Still, this particular person is one I will not make an effort to try and keep as a friend or a person I care about in my life.

As has been my theme for this year. Moving forward. :)



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